Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tips for Making Perfect Gift Baskets

A gift basket is available online, but preparing your own gift basket and getting compliments is the best price you can ever get for the gift you present! Here is a short and small step with which you can make your own gift basket at home and present it to your dear ones on any occasion.
There can be variety of gift baskets such as spa basket, chocolate basket, cookie basket, balloon basket, perfumes basket, and so on. You can make your own new goodie basket as well. This would be the customized gift basket.

Steps to make a gift basket at home:

1.     Pick up a theme for your gift basket as per the personality of the person whom you want to present it. Decide what items you want to include in the basket. Accordingly decide the budget as well and make a shopping list.

   2. Shop all the items needed. You can also shop online or in stores. To give you a short list here is something that you would want to collect.
   ·         A cool or fun container
   ·         Gift items
   ·         Fillings
   ·         Packing peanuts
   ·         Cellotape or sticky tape to cover the items
   ·         Ribbon or bow
   ·         A gift tag
   ·         Tape
    3. Fill the bottom of the container with packing peanuts.  This helps in giving a soft base to your basket and pushes it little upwards. This will make your item show up well. This will also help in keeping things from crashing from each other and shows up well.

4.      Start putting in big goodies first. Make a proper arrangement of big gifts in your container in a balanced way. Distribute the gifts evenly to keep the weight of the gift balance. Now start adding the rest of the goodies in the basket. Make it colorful with colorful gift goodies. This will be more fun to open.
Tip: to help your item stay stable, use tape to stick them. Do not worry if any mistakes made. Start it all over again and make it perfect again.

5.      Once the things are placed in its place, wrap the whole thing with cellophane and keep it covered. The tape can be wrapped in both ways, from top to bottom or vice a versa. Tie the end with the ribbon and bow to give it a perfect gift wrap touch. This will add more fun element in it.

6.      Now add your gifts in a same way and go on to the fun and beautiful gift basket items.

To make it heartwarming and personalized add gift items that are favorite of the person whom you are going to present it. The person who will receive this basket will be overwhelmed and blessed to see that the person who has sent the gift really knows what the best is for him or her.
Kudos!! With your new invention and make your own gift basket for your special ones and present it to them on any occasion.


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