Friday, August 1, 2014

Send Exotic and Precious Rakhi gift to India

Send Exotic and Precious Rakhi gift to India for auspicious Raksha Bandhan

With the Rakshabandhan, approaching sisters are keen to tie the knot of silk to bind their brothers with the vow of protection. Hey! Sisters get set with lovely rakhis and thalis of sweet treats and win those stunning presents from them. It is a day to rejoice for all girls and women who follow the traditional Indian festival. Markets and malls already adorned with colorful, dazzling and glimmering silk threads. One is lost looking at each artistically adorned and designed thread, finding it impossible to decide on a single item. Diverse items with silver, gold or metallic available with the jewelers whereas, stores stock beaded with multicolored beads, colorful threads, some are traditionally designed with idols of Ganesha, floral patterns and designs, and satin ribbons instead of silk twine. You can Send Rakhi Gift to India for sisters or also brothers who live away and you want to be a part of the celebration too.

Send rakhi gift to India for a joyous day

It is indeed a fun time for little ones, since they are unaware of the traditional reason for celebration. Toddlers rejoice with Disney characters, chota bheem, Hanuman, Spider man, clowns and many other extensive cartoon characters appeal the little ones. Whereas, larger and bigger floral ones with glittering and shining foil items fascinate some however, intricate and delicate items appeal the rest., sandalwood items also demanded by many for a sophisticated presentation. Homemade items are prepared with craft material from shops. Several women prepare their thalis with intricate designing, using laces, beads, buttons and other decorative stuff. Whereas, the items are available ready made at the online shops, you can send rakhi gift to India with exotic items and delicious sweets across nation on the same day.

Tying of thread as traditional bond

The celebration is a traditional and customary, but in present times families have separated with demanding life style like jobs, education in spite of that sisters send  rakhi gift to India with enthusiasm and inspiration. In fact, they are always motivated to purchase lovely colorful threads to express their love for brothers. Presents are an essential trend of the present times though; it is not as much with a purpose of previous thought or idea. In the ancient times women were helpless when their husbands conquered by other kings, she had to sacrifice her life as Sati, on the pier. The day celebrated as a plea to brothers or they sent rakhi to the other rulers, as a plea to protect their husbands or protect them from the malice in the eyes of the beholder. Present times are equally bad, since, girls are helpless today as well. Malice is everywhere and tender girls are tortured and killed by wolves, and brothers seen nowhere in the picture to protect women and girls. 

Exchange of sweets and delicacies

This year send rakhi gift to India with websites who offer a spectacular range of delicious mouth-watering sweets to present as trays or Rakshabandhan gifts for brothers or sisters. Display images facilitate you to grab the opportunity of opting your best item to give anywhere in India. Nationwide delivery made on the same day at the recipient’s doorstep. Chocolate boxes, bouquets, flowers, baskets of assorted delicacies like kaju katli, jalebi, gulab jamun, pedas and barfi are preferred as presents for the day. However, presently cakes and cookies are taking over as well. Purchasing of ethnic wear, traditional dresses are catching up, this festival today more of rejoicing with goodies and purchasing, presenting and being together.


  1. Rakhi Making : Step by Step Instructions

    1. Tie one end of silk thread on a bangle and wrap it over the bangle.
    2. When it covers almost quarter of the bangle, tie it at the centre from a thick thread.
    3. Cut all the loops of silk thread at the periphery of the bangle.
    4. Now, flatten it from both the sides.
    5. Brush it from an old tooth brush to make it symetric.
    6. If few of threads are not in-line, you can trim your Rakhi at the periphery.
    7. Paste a piece of satin ribbon at the back of the Rakhi.
    8. Now, decorate it with beads or some other decorative items of your choice.

    You can now prepare beautiful Rakhi in your own style for your loving brother.

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  3. The festival is the another way of celebrating with family. So, send Rakhi to India online and enjoy the Rakhi.

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