Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Let’s face it. The same old cards and flowers thing has been done to death. On every birthday, anniversary and special days you have been sending out the same old cards and flower bouquet to your near and dear ones. Why not try something different this time? Say, a gift basket? A basket full of goodies to make your loved ones loved and pampered? Let’s find out how you can assemble the best gift basket for your loved ones.
Gift baskets can be ordered online. However, for that personal touch, you can also go about shopping for the kitty on your own. The gift baskets available online also boast of huge variety and chances are you will be able to find something you’ll like on one of these e-commerce sites.

Gift Basket Ideas

The more conventional gift baskets comprise cookies, scented candles, soaps and cosmetics, baby cosmetics, spa products and so on. These are easily and widely available on all e-commerce portals. However, a gift basket gives you plenty of scope to be creative. So think out of the box and try to assemble a basket that will be at once eye candy as well as useful. Almost anything and everything can be put into a gift basket. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, headphones, tabs, external memory drives, etc. can jolly well get into a gift basket. Playthings like playing cards, Rubik’s cubes, are also interesting gifts.

Hand crafted gift items like recyclable paper notepads, paper bags, show pieces in ceramics and burnt clay are for the artistically inclined. For a girlie gift basket you can look for aromatic soaps, scented candles, pedicure/manicure kits, perfumes, hair accessories, herbal cosmetics and more. For making a foodie gift basket you choose a chocolate box, or cookies, brownies, etc. Digital photo frames, coffee mugs, key chains, cork openers, Swiss knives, are generic basket gifts you can settle for.  

How To Make Gift Baskets

Once you have decided on the contents of your basket, you have to choose the basket itself. Wicker baskets are the best and most widely used baskets for sending out gifts. If your gift is really special you can also go for a wooden basket for your gifts. Arrange the gifts inside the basket; decorate the basket with paper flowers or lace or colorful shreds of paper; cover the entire basket with cellophane paper for safety and then tie the whole package with a shiny satin ribbon. Your basket is ready for its master.

However, if you are indeed pressed for time and cannot afford to go hunting for the gifts yourself, you can safely rely on an e-commerce website. Choose one from the wide variety of gift baskets available and make your payment online via debit/credit cards or internet banking. The gift basket will appear at your friend’s doorstep on time. So next time you wish to buy something for someone close to you, steer clear of the run of the mill flower bouquet and make an impact with a neatly assorted gift basket. 

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